Abdoulie’s Vegetable Mix

Abdoulies Vegetable Mix

Abdoulie’s Vegetable Mix is a delicious sauce made with lots of vegetables, also suitable for vegetarians.

Abdoulie’s Chu

Chu sauce with Couscous

Abdoulie’s Chu: a simple sauce recipe from Gambia, made with meat and lots of vegetables.

Refreshing Ginger Juice Drink

Ginger drink

Here is how to make a refreshing ginger juice drink, a West African recipe from Ivory Coast. After drinking some chilled ginger drink in an Afro Shop run by an Ivorian lady the other day, I decided to find out how they make it. This is roughly how it goes …

Half Cake Mandazi Recipe

Half cake mandazi

A very lively exchange has been going on for a while at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s00Fq_EkLAM on Aimees mandazi recipe on this site. Some folks say that is not “mandazi” but “kitumbua”, others say it’s “mahamri” and so on. I would like to assume, that “mandazi” is a general name. To be on the safe side, I will call this “half cake mandazi”. I remember during school days, there were very tasty “half cake” you could buy in Jinja town, near the source of the Nile …

Abdoulie’s Chicken-Mushroom Cream Sauce

Abdoulie’s Chicken-Mushroom Cream Sauce

This is how to make some delicious and cream sauce with chicken breast (or other meats) and button mushrooms. The advantage of chicken is it gets cooked quickly.

Abdoulie’s Domodah Recipe

Abdoulie's Domodah Sauce

Domodah, according to a Gambian master chef is a stew prepared using beef, lamb, chicken, together with groundnut (peanut) sauce. Domodah (Mandinka language)  is prepared in different variations in Gambia, Mali, Senegal & other West African countries and can also be done without meat. Here is Abdoulie’s version.