Central African proverbs and sayings, from communities in Cameroon, Central African republic, Congo, Chad, Gabon, Angola, Burundi, Rwanda … Feel free to suggest or submit more via the forum, which will then be added to the list.

  1. It is better to irrigate all seeds, because you do not know which one will bear fruits first.
    Community/language of origin: Kirundi
    Country: Burundi
  2. A fowl shuns the poisonous
    In original language: Ci linga usumba osanji yi ci.
    Community/language of origin: Kimbundu
    Country: Angola
  3. The fruits of blessings grow on trees of hardship.
    In original language: Imbuto y’umugisha yera ku giti cy’umuruho.
    Community/language of origin: Kinyarwanda
    Country: Rwanda
  4. The one who eats has tasted the hardship of labor.
    Community/language of origin: Unknown
    Country: D.R. Congo

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