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OnlineTV, currently Version 18 is streaming software you can use to access countless streaming TV and radio stations from anywhere in the world without having to install any additional software or hardware and no monthly subscriptions. That includes probably all German public TV programs and one can add lots of privates ones, from France and European countries as well as the USA.

Besides, you can also access online newspapers, webcams, music and other online media, at least of German TV stations.

OnlineTV showing TV program overview
OnlineTV showing TV program overview
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OnlineTV 18 free, which has a comprehensive EPG providing, an overview of  what is on TV allows you to record TV and radio streams, whose recording you can also schedule. The streams can be saved saved in wmv & mp3 formats, respectively.

OnlineTV 18 is free, but there is a paid “Plus” and “Anytime” versions, with the free version having limited features, like taking longer to load or change streams, no full screen mode and has a web banner at the bottom. I have always used a free version and with a little patience, it is fine. The key thing is having a good and fast broadband connection.

System Requirements: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
Publisher: Concept/Design
File Size: 74.1 MByte
Price: OnlineTV 18 is free, but there is OnlineTV Plus at $25 and OnlineTV Anytime at $42. Anytime includes an Android version you can install on your Android gadget.
Alternatives: ProgDVB Standard (free)


OnlineTV 18 Free
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