Gimp [GNU Image Manipulation Program]

Gimp [GNU Image Manipulation Program] originally image manipulation software for Linux is an advanced great and above all free, open-source alternative to expensive software like Adobe Photoshop.

Refreshing Ginger Juice Drink

Ginger drink

Here is how to make a refreshing ginger juice drink, a West African recipe from Ivory Coast. After drinking some chilled ginger drink in an Afro Shop run by an Ivorian lady the other day, I decided to find out how they make it. This is roughly how it goes …

Half Cake Mandazi Recipe

Half cake mandazi

A very lively exchange has been going on for a while at on Aimees mandazi recipe on this site. Some folks say that is not “mandazi” but “kitumbua”, others say it’s “mahamri” and so on. I would like to assume, that “mandazi” is a general name. To be on the safe side, I will call this “half cake mandazi”. I remember during school days, there were very tasty “half cake” you could buy in Jinja town, near the source of the Nile …