Etienne, 432 Av. Ahmed Sekou Touré, Maputo, Mozambique
432 Avenida Ahmed Sekou Touré Maputo Cidade de Maputo MZ
+258 21 49 0110/3+258 21 49 0110/3

High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania Maputo, Mozambique

Phone 2
+258 21 49 1228, 258 21 49 4782 (Da Office)
Rua De Mukumbura, Maputo, Mozambique 0.15 km
Information on the projects of the UN agency, IFAD dedicated to eradicating rural poverty in deve...
Av Julius Nyerere 1128 Maputo 0.35 km
The Embassy of Sweden in Mozambique represents the Swedish Government in The Republic of Mozambiq...
637 Av. Ahmed Sekou Touré, Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique 0.35 km
Embassy of Switzerland in Mozambique Ambassade de Suisse au Mozambique |  Représentation suisse a...
Avenida Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique 0.36 km
Sveriges ambassad i Maputo är en integrerad myndighet vilket innebär att ambassaden inte bara bev...
2820 Avenida Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique 0.36 km
The European Commission’s Delegation to Mozambique, including the annual Country Review of ...
1128 Avenida Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique 0.37 km
Embassy of Finland in Maputo | Suomen suurlähetystö Maputo With information about embassy service...
Av. Julius Nyerere No. 1162 Maputo 0.38 km
+258 21 48 00 00+258 21 48 00 00
+258 21 48 00 10
Den danske ambassade Mozambique – Danmarks Ambassade i Mozambique — Embassy of Denmar...
Avenida Julius Nyerere, Maputo, Mozambique 0.41 km
Norway – the official site in Mozambique – Promoting development-friendly investment ...
Rua de Sidano, Maputo, Mozambique 0 km
Internet Solutions (IS) is a Pan-African telecoms service provider to public and private sector o...
324 Avenida Kwame Nkrumah, Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique 0.77 km
Nederlandse ambassade in Maputo Mozambique
324 Avenida Kwame Nkrumah, Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique 0.77 km
Netherlands Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique
397 -431 Rua Mateus Sansao Muthemba, Maputo, Maputo City, Mozambique 0.82 km
Présente le Comité national olympique (CNO), nouvelles, photos et vidéos, liens. Maputo.
Av. Kwame Nkrumah 0 km
The WE Group is a group of companies consisting of water resources and environmental specialists,...
VSO Mozambique’s strategy focuses on education, HIV and AIDS, secure livelihoods and national vol...
Travelogue by Mari Verdade, who first visited Mozambique in July 2002. Includes photos and music.
Collection of reader-submitted Mozambique travel journals and blogs with photos.
Maputo, Mozambique 1.05 km
@Verdade Online – Jornal que está a mudar Moçambique
Länderinformationen mit Sicherheitshinweisen, Reisehinweisen, Anschriften und Angaben zu konsular...
Maputo Mozambique 1.05 km
Landesinformationen unter anderem über Einreise- und Impfbestimmungen, zudem ein kurzer Überblick...
L’Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’éducation la science et la culture (UNESCO) p...
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